Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beat the Heat

Oh My Lanta!  It has been HOT out!
This picture is from last week.  The news said when it "cooled down" the humity would rise causing it to feel hotter.  Larry Sprinkles you are the only one who calls 99 degrees cooling down!  And 95 degrees is the coolest its been in the last week! 

This is usually where I question why we moved to the south; but it appears to be hot all over the States.

We thought about potty training... then decided it was more important to keep Liam hydrated.

Mostly we tried to beat the heat by staying inside.  This involved library time.  Honestly the library system is one of the best things about living in or near a city.  We have a fabulous library system.  Weekly story times at multiple locations.  And play areas too.  A whole section of the library where kids can be kids!

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Monday, July 2, 2012

My Life as a Soccer Mom

Brian always tells me I have to keep working, I wouldn't like being a soccer mom. 

I officially became a soccer mom last Friday as Liam started soccer camp

 Here they are listening to the rules of Coach Lee
Liam didn'y want to sit in his circle, but the ball could

No hands!

When it was time to pick up the cones Liam and Artie decided they belonged on their heads

I have decided being a soccer mom is kinda cool.  Liam gets out of the house, socializes with friends and gets fresh air and excercise (even in 100 degree weather).

Mom gets out of the house, socializes with friends and gets fresh air.  
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