Sunday, August 26, 2012


Once again we have gone MIA.  This may effect my ability to reach my August goal of 15 posts.

I went back to work this week.  Liam went back to the sitter full time.  It has been an adjustment for all.

Being a public employee I have never said much about my work on here.  I am a teacher.
Returning back to work in the fall has always been a struggle, this year is no different. 

When I had Liam, he was well planned!  I took 12 weeks of maternity leave that was followed by summer vacaction.  This gave me 6 months at home with him! Not enough in my opinion.

I really struggled when I returned to work.  I was teaching a class with some behavior problems, constiently concerned with other student's safety.  I was only at school that year for 3 months when Liam got sick and I took a leave of absence.  I felt guilty leaving my teammates with this class to divide, but I also didn't have the time or energy to think much about it.

Returning to work the next year was even more difficult, staying home with Liam for 9 months that time and all the pain that came with caring for a child with cancer.  I was {AM} so blessed to have my child {healthy now} I didn't want to limit my time with him. 

But we need insurance so I returned to work.  I had the BEST class last year!  So thankful for that, but it didn't make the transition back to work any easier.

This year returning to work is more difficult because of some events that happened over the summer effecting my position.  But I have worked really hard to improve my attitude regarding the situation.  What happened was not the fault of any student, and I will return to work and give them the education they deserve.

All that being said I AM EXHAUSTED!

I have came home each night and spent time with my family, sewing more lanyards, dresses and baby blankets.  Then I try to go to bed at a reasonable hour.
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Sunday, August 19, 2012


Do you Pinterest?  Its really an unhealthy obsession of mine.  I blame the iPhone.  Whenever I have some random time I pull out the phone and start looking at photos.

I got Woman {my mom} hooked on Pinterest.  Mary {Sister in law} doesn't get the point.  But I get ideas of cooking off Pinterest.  I get crafting ideas.  I laugh!

Here are some of my favorite pins from this week.
Have you seen these seats at Target?  I would love to tie one up to a tree for a new swing for Liam.  Apparently some company did just that!

How funny would this be for your guest bath. A white mat that turns red when wet!

So cute for a children's bathroom


Now I don't usually repin the ecard pins.  But I do get a good laugh from them!

Do you Pinterest?  Follow me and I will follow back!
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Conversations with a 2 year old

L:  I have an owie
Me: What happened?
L: I hurt my mano {hand}
Me: How did you do that?
L: Right here
Me: I see that.  How did you get that cut?
L: I hurt my mano.

We may never know what happened
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our Week in iPhone pics w.9

It's been a while since I shared some iphone pics.
While out car shopping Liam prefered to drive the motorcycle.

Donald needed to use the potty.

Forget the star gazing while driving.  I parked at Gymboree Wednesday morning and Liam began talking about a blue moon. I was a bit confused at first then I realized he was looking out the sunroof at the weight watchers sign.

Kick back and watch some Calliou

A little project I was working on this week( the finished product pictures to come later this week)

Liam's McQueen bubble bath.  He has been playing with the car for months, its never been used as bubble bath.

Liam needs real keys to drive his Cozy Coupe.

Pinterest at its best (or worse?)

Packaging up lanyards for sale

Dawn's guide to a sick child: Let him sleep! 
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I love a new car smell!

Remember how I said we had a busier July than just 2 posts worth?

Example A:  We were in an accident and totaled my car. YIKES!
    Brian blames me, but lets be serious; it was Mother Nature's fault!  It was one of those rains that came done so hard so fast that I instantly hydroplaned.... right into the guardrail.... then into the other guardrail.

But honestly upon looking at my car, we thought it would just need a new bumper.  But after the body shop took off the bumper they found a lot more damage.  Insurance decided to just total the car.

So I got a new one!  (Brian is still pouting over that)

But look at her.  Isn't she pretty!

I love the leather heated seats, yes even in the summer.  It also came with autostart so I can run the air (or heat in the winter) for 10 minutes before scalding my buns on the leather.

Dual sunroof, star gazing while driving perhaps?   I am super excited about the auto liftgate, so I can just push a button to open or close it while trying to herd Liam into the car.

And it seat 7.  My new Soccer Mom Mobile!
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Monday, August 6, 2012

Check, Check, Check

I have started on that list of August goals.

I can say the running is not going as well as I would like.  I remember last year when we began training for the Blue Ridge Relay, without much running before the training I could still pick up and run around 7 miles.  Not Happening this time!

Liam and I have been carless for a few weeks now (more on this later)  so today I dusted off the jogging stroller and we ran to a park.  Liam loves going out for runs and the park was definately a bonus.  But I was so busy trying to recover from that 3 mile jog I didn't take and pictures and we walked the whole way back.

I can do it, we will get back to where we once were!
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lanyards Galore

Okay so it is no secret we haven't had good Thanksgivings.  Liam was diagnosed and hospitalized over his first Thanksgiving.  We were at home last year but it was still difficult for us, I have a feeling Thanksgiving will always be difficult- even though we are so thankful for all the blessings we have with Liam!

Well this year we are leaving our troubles behind!  Liam will have the time of his life!  We are going on a cruise!!!!  A 7 day cruise in the Caribbean. We are so excited, but it doesn't come cheap.  We leave in 107 days.  The first of many things I will be selling to pay for this cruise are lanyards.

It is the perfect time of year for lanyards will school starting just around the corner.  I will even argue a new lanyard is the best thing about school starting!

I will be posting them in the shop this week, if you would like to order one and don't see a color you like just email me the color/design you would like to see and I will make it!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Goals

It's good to have goals, right?  Here are my goals for this month.

Run 100 miles
   I think I made this goal last July or August... Nope didn't happen.  But my running has taken a hit this year, as have my weight and body image...  But now I am running a 5K in about 10 days, I think I should get to running.  Somebody PLEASE light a fire under me, I need some motivation/tough love!

Write 15 blog posts
    Is there anyone still reading this blog?!  I know it have been a pathetic showing on my part.  I can do better!  Liam, Brian and I are all busier that just 2 post worth of stuff in a month!

    Have I mentioned yet our Thanksgiving plans?  We are taking Liam on a cruise.  He has never had a good Thanksgiving yet so we are going to make up for it big time this year.   So the first thing on my list to sell this month is lanyards.  Great for teacher/students.  more to come on this late this week!

Share more recipes
At some point before I asked from some recipes to share because that is the biggest problem we have with making dinners- WHAT TO DO?!  I have tried some great pintrest recipes so I need to share them on here.  But also if you have a recipe your family loves please send it to me.

What are your August Goals?

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