Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I love a new car smell!

Remember how I said we had a busier July than just 2 posts worth?

Example A:  We were in an accident and totaled my car. YIKES!
    Brian blames me, but lets be serious; it was Mother Nature's fault!  It was one of those rains that came done so hard so fast that I instantly hydroplaned.... right into the guardrail.... then into the other guardrail.

But honestly upon looking at my car, we thought it would just need a new bumper.  But after the body shop took off the bumper they found a lot more damage.  Insurance decided to just total the car.

So I got a new one!  (Brian is still pouting over that)

But look at her.  Isn't she pretty!

I love the leather heated seats, yes even in the summer.  It also came with autostart so I can run the air (or heat in the winter) for 10 minutes before scalding my buns on the leather.

Dual sunroof, star gazing while driving perhaps?   I am super excited about the auto liftgate, so I can just push a button to open or close it while trying to herd Liam into the car.

And it seat 7.  My new Soccer Mom Mobile!
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  1. Awesome wheels, Dawn! You might want to re-think the stargazing while driving thing, if you want to stay out of trouble with Brian, though! he-he!

  2. Better make a road trip home to show it off. Or maybe I should drive my new (used) Monte Carlo down to visit you guys!

  3. Its such nice and amazing car. I like also leather seats so much. This car image is good. Also car is very useful things in this era.