Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

Liam cooked up some special eggs for the Easter Bunny

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

22 weeks

The internet tells me Baby Girl is the the size of a papaya.  Has anyone ever actually ate a papaya?  Maybe I should try on this week....

This week I have been debating with myself over if the heartburn is worse this time or with Liam.  I have the same constant pain in my ribs from the acid build up (possibly more), but not as much burning in the throat.

YUP :)  definately my favorite part of being pregnant.  And Brian felt her move this week too!  We tried to get Liam to feel too, but he isn't patient enough.  Oh and apparently Liam thinks I have 3 babies, I'll just let you think about where else Liam tried to feel the baby move.

Honestly I don't think I am quite as exhausted as I have been, I don't think anyway.  Unfortunately I am waking up in pain, darn hip.  And I don't even know why!

Belly Button:
I really don't know why people always want to question about your belly button, is it really so interesting if pregnancy makes it pop out?  Well mine never popped out with Liam,  I would be shocked if it happened this time either.

Other exciting news:
I'm really nervous to actually order the material, but I think I have it picked out what to do with the nursery.  I am thinking of this fabric as my inspiration
Now for the bump....

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

21 Weeks

So I am a little late with this update, yeah like a week.

But here I am. 
We had awesome weather last weekend.  79 degree Saturday!
How am I feeling?
I haven't taken any nausea medicine in about 3 weeks.  I think its behind me, knock on wood.
My dear friend heartburn has returned for this pregnacy.  With Liam I had a constant burning in my throat, this time the burning is only when I lay down at night.  But its the pain in my ribs that gets me.  You should see me at work.  When I am trying to conference with a student I have my back to the table they are sitting at, leaning backwards to see them- it just hurts less to streach out that area than to lean over.
I have had a terrible pain in my hip that has been waking me up at night.  Its crazy, its not even the side I am sleeping on so it isn't from pressure.
I love feeling baby move!  It honestly creeps Brian out.  He thinks its weird something is moving inside me.  At night when I lay down and baby gets active, I call Brian to come feel, but then it stops.  Maybe soon.
We have chose a name for baby girl!  I am not ready to put it in writing yet and reserve the right to change my mind at anytime in the next 18 weeks!  But I did get some letters to hang...

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Sunday, March 17, 2013


So Sorry to all our Michigan friends and family, but we have been having BEAUTIFUL weather here!  79 degrees yesterday!

Liam has started Soccer Shots again.  The first practice was a bit scary, but week 2 went 100 times better!

 soccer practice
 improving skills at home
Picking lovely flowers
Of course spring has also started to mean some spring cleaning.
Liam's Baby Clothes
Since we are preparing to have a little girl this time, I have brought all Liam's baby clothes down from the attic, sorted them into boxes by sizes, and took out the stained clothes.  I am preparing to start selling them.  He has so many great clothes, much of them never/hardly worn from the time he was in the hospital. 
So my hope is to sell some of these clothes and pay off some of his medical debt.  Even though he has been off treatment for nearly 2 years, I think something people don't realize is his medical bills will continue for many more years.  He continues to see a specialist regularly, bloodwork, scans....
More to come on the clothing sale.
I really hope this spring weather continues!!!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

20 Weeks

Yup, this is my daily view.  Can you see the belly?! YIKES!
And the heartburn... OY!  Everything just happens earlier this time.  heartburn, pain-back, legs, belly, everywhere.

My iphone tells me baby girl is about 10 oz and the size of a banana.

The good news is we are HALF WAY!

I've been thinking a lot about getting this house cleaned out to make room for baby.  But I have no energy left at the end of the day and we are in birthday season right now so I have no weekends.
I've also been thinking a lot about working out.  I miss it!  But again after teaching all day, I hurt and I'm tired.  I need some extra encouragement at the moment.
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Liam

Happy Birthday Liam.  My strong headed, imaginative boy.  3 years old!  Such an amazing day 3 years ago when Liam made his appearance.
The real miracle was 2 years ago, on his birthday, when Liam had surery to have his tumor removed.  A rough way to spend your  birthday, but a great way to begin the next year of his life- healthy!
This year we had his birthday party at the park (last weekend).  It had been such a mild winter we planned his party at the park.  It snowed!  In the Sweet Carolinas on a March spring day, IT SNOWED!
We decided snow was a novelty and Liam was so excited- we had the party anyway!  The party didn't last as long as planned because the cold made everyone cranky, but it was sure memorable!                 


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Friday, March 8, 2013

Why does Liam need hearing aids?

So we took Liam to pick up his new hearing aids on Monday.  I posted on my facebook what a great job he was doing with them.  We thought it would be a fight at first to get him to keep them in, but not at all.  He actually comes up and tells us when they come out.

Well... the first comment I received on my facebook post was "What's wrong with Liam?"  So lets clear that up right now.  There is NOTHING wrong with Liam.  He is a healthy active 3 year old *almost*.

Liam's hearing loss is a result of oxotoxicity, where platinum based drugs (cisplatin) damage the hair cells in the inner ear.  Usually the loss levels out after about 2 years off chemo, but some studies show the lasting effects for up to 6 years.  So there is a chance it could get worse.

 As of right now it is a moderate to severe loss in the high frequencies.  He can't hear the sounds of /s/,/f/,/th/ and /k/ unless you are close to him.  This loss has not effected his speech or language at this time, he has actually tested above his age level in these areas.  The hearing aids are more prevenative at this point, so his language is not effected in the future from loss.

The hearing loss is permenant. But again there is NOTHING wrong with Liam. We knew hearing loss was a side effect of one of the drugs before it was given to him. But he is alive because of it, and I will take the over the alternative any day!
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

19 Weeks

Here I am world.  Me on a normal day.  No makeup.  Hair thrown up. 
Baby girl is growing bigger by the day (me too!)  Brian says I am starting to look pregnant (as opposed to just fat).
Liam is so excited about his sister.  We have been discussing names.  Liam is pretty set on her name being Little Brother, but Brian and I have a few other ideas,  but we aren't talking about them until we choose something.
I gave in this week and pretty much just wear maternity clothes, but that doesn't stop me from putting my sweats on the minute I get home from work :)
I am feeling better *I hope*.  But the sickness has been so random, so who really knows.
Baby girl has been moving a ton.  Its crazy, Brian just asked me the other day if I could feel her moving yet. Actually yeah I have been feeling it for a while.  I wish I would have wrote down when I first started feeling her, but I thought I was crazy because it was so early. 

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Family Game Night!

Last night we played with one of Liam's birthday gifts. Probably the best first matching game I've seen!
It's called Bear Hugs. There are large and small game pieces, so to make a match you need one large piece and one small piece.
We had a blast playing!
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