Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Liam

Happy Birthday Liam.  My strong headed, imaginative boy.  3 years old!  Such an amazing day 3 years ago when Liam made his appearance.
The real miracle was 2 years ago, on his birthday, when Liam had surery to have his tumor removed.  A rough way to spend your  birthday, but a great way to begin the next year of his life- healthy!
This year we had his birthday party at the park (last weekend).  It had been such a mild winter we planned his party at the park.  It snowed!  In the Sweet Carolinas on a March spring day, IT SNOWED!
We decided snow was a novelty and Liam was so excited- we had the party anyway!  The party didn't last as long as planned because the cold made everyone cranky, but it was sure memorable!                 


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  1. Happy birthday little willie uncle mike loves ya

  2. Congrats on being the most viewed link at the Mommy Moments Linky Party last week. You are this weeks feature:)