Friday, March 8, 2013

Why does Liam need hearing aids?

So we took Liam to pick up his new hearing aids on Monday.  I posted on my facebook what a great job he was doing with them.  We thought it would be a fight at first to get him to keep them in, but not at all.  He actually comes up and tells us when they come out.

Well... the first comment I received on my facebook post was "What's wrong with Liam?"  So lets clear that up right now.  There is NOTHING wrong with Liam.  He is a healthy active 3 year old *almost*.

Liam's hearing loss is a result of oxotoxicity, where platinum based drugs (cisplatin) damage the hair cells in the inner ear.  Usually the loss levels out after about 2 years off chemo, but some studies show the lasting effects for up to 6 years.  So there is a chance it could get worse.

 As of right now it is a moderate to severe loss in the high frequencies.  He can't hear the sounds of /s/,/f/,/th/ and /k/ unless you are close to him.  This loss has not effected his speech or language at this time, he has actually tested above his age level in these areas.  The hearing aids are more prevenative at this point, so his language is not effected in the future from loss.

The hearing loss is permenant. But again there is NOTHING wrong with Liam. We knew hearing loss was a side effect of one of the drugs before it was given to him. But he is alive because of it, and I will take the over the alternative any day!
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  1. I remember when you first posted about LIam's hearing loss and I remember making the same comment. Some hearing loss is a pretty small trade-off for having a healthy little boy in your arms! I am going to reiterate something I have told you before, Dawn. I began following your blog when Nicole told our family about Liam. From there I found Kaitlyn and all of the NPA babies at about the same time I learned of some children with a rare, fatal disease who are part of our extended family. These beautiful babies, through the voices of their awesome parents, have changed my life forever. Each time I see one of their precious faces in a post, I am reminded yet again to live each moment to its fullest, to hug the ones I love a little bit harder, to tell the ones who are too far away to hug how much I love them, and to be a little more mindful of what others might be going through. It is absolutely true - there is NOTHING wrong with Liam. He is perfect!