Sunday, March 17, 2013


So Sorry to all our Michigan friends and family, but we have been having BEAUTIFUL weather here!  79 degrees yesterday!

Liam has started Soccer Shots again.  The first practice was a bit scary, but week 2 went 100 times better!

 soccer practice
 improving skills at home
Picking lovely flowers
Of course spring has also started to mean some spring cleaning.
Liam's Baby Clothes
Since we are preparing to have a little girl this time, I have brought all Liam's baby clothes down from the attic, sorted them into boxes by sizes, and took out the stained clothes.  I am preparing to start selling them.  He has so many great clothes, much of them never/hardly worn from the time he was in the hospital. 
So my hope is to sell some of these clothes and pay off some of his medical debt.  Even though he has been off treatment for nearly 2 years, I think something people don't realize is his medical bills will continue for many more years.  He continues to see a specialist regularly, bloodwork, scans....
More to come on the clothing sale.
I really hope this spring weather continues!!!

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