Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our week in iPhone photos

Liam has came home EXHAUSTED this week!

Crazy weather this week. Spent Monday at the park, Friday was an early release from school before the winter storm hit. Liam and I decided to go to the store and become true southerns and stock up on milk.

And I have to find some fun out of teaching... This student was writing about what she likes to do on a rainy day. I don't know about you but there is only one thing I can imagine this being.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

13 Weeks

Brian asked me why we were even bothering to take this picture.  "you don't have a belly yet"- smart man.  But we were real bad at taking picture last time... working on that this time.
So how are we feeling?
Well I feel permanently hungover without the fun the night before.  Not exactly nauseous, but I wish I could just throw up, maybe I'd feel better. It just a nondescript YUCK with random headaches.
We had an ultrasound last week.  Baby looks good.  Heartrate in the 170s (WOW- Liam's was always in the 140s)

Even has a sense of humor, sticking his/her tongue out.
Will we find out gender?  Absolutely!  I just don't think this pregnancy really becomes real for me until I know.
Brian asks Liam everyday- baby brother or baby sister.  About 90% of the time he says baby sister.  When I ask what her name is he answers "Alexander Fudge" and we have to remind him that is his name and we can't name his sister Alexander Fudge (William Alexander Fudge is Liam's full name).
Although we are all very excited it will definately be an adjustment for Liam.  He has recently began acting out at the babysitter's house.  Maybe because of the changes, although he has been fine at home... Any advice for that?
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

What's the Weather?!

We have really been enjoying this beautiful January heat wave... but its really interfering with me getting a snowday!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Secret is out

So one of the changes we are making in the new year is A BABY!
Brian joked around for a while about "loose lips Liam", Liam was going to spill the beans on the baby.   While we were visiting Brian's sister last month, Liam was wearing pajamas and his belly was really sticking out.  Teasing him I asked what was in his belly to which he replied "that's my baby".  Somehow Mary did not pick up on that.

A few weeks later, Liam was looking at pictures at Grandma's house.  There was a picture of Brian, Liam and I when Liam was a baby.  He pointed out "That's my daddy, that's you" So I asked who the baby was.  "That's the baby in your belly"... And somehow Woman ( my mom ) did not pick up on that.

So here are some details
  • We've know since Thanksgiving.  Brian was confused when I told him, we were on the cruise and didn't understand how I found out.  We had been trying long enough I brought a test on the boat with me, I didn't want to have to wait til we got home to know if it was possible!
  • We did tell Brian's sister when we were visiting. And swore her to secrecy until we told the grandparents Christmas Morning.
  • Christmas Morning invited Brian's Parents to my parents house for breakfast and presents.  We sent Liam downstairs in a big brother shirt.  It probably took 20 minutes for anyone to notice
  •  So I have obviously been sick, it was hard to tell what was because I was sick and what is because I am pregnant
  • So being sick I hadn't feel upto telling anyone yet, but my husband decided to take care of that while I was sleeping on the car ride home.  His post on facebook got a bit of attention ( I knocked my wife up again)- CLASSY!
  • My due date is August 2nd, but I'll have to have a c-section at 39 weeks.
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year All!

We spent last night with a quiet evening at home.  I have to say its my favorite kind of NYE that way.  Pajamas? Yes PLEASE!  All that was missing was the cheap champagne.

I'm not really a New Years Resolution person, but I am making plans for the new year.
This year I plan to find purpose.  I love my family and I in no way mean to imply they are not enough, but I continue to struggle with depression. I have really felt like I have lacked purpose.  My day to day life was purposeful when I was home caring for Liam's health.  And I know my unhappiness comes from my job, but as I said I am making plans for the new year. 

Plans for purpose, plans for family and plans for my career.

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