Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm going to buy you a pony... or whatever a 5 month old might want.

Why exactly would I want to buy my baby a pony? Because he slept 8 hours last night! He didn't even wake up for his pacifier. Isn't he so cute when he is sleeping?

And he wakes up so happy now.

And Mommy is happy now too! Please do it some more!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When Dad's away Mommy and Liam will play

I have been working really hard to sit up by myself. Here I am sitting up for just over a minute. But of course I fell when Mommy took the picture.

Mommy has lots of different balls she pulls out for me to play with. I think they taste delicious!

Mommy gives me so many things to play with everyday! I am getting good at staying entertained while Mommy and Daddy eat now that I can sit at the table with them.

I love my exersaucer. Thank you Gamma!

It's been a hard day of play. I think I am going to take a little rest.
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Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Pottery Barn Baby. You break it, you buy it!

Liam has slept 6-7 hours at night before, but not recently. And when he does it usually involves waking up a few times for his pacifier. Last night I had my first "I have to check on the baby, he hasn't woke up" freak out.

I tip-toed across the hall to the nursery, slowly opened the door and smelled the room. WHY did I smell it? Who knows! I should have been putting on my own oder controlling shield because Liam has a superhero sense of smell. When I walk into the room his nose sends a message to his brain "booby milk, must eat".

So after tip-toeing my way over to the crib and staring at him for an appropriate length of time, I determined he was breathing. RETREAT RETREAT I must get out without waking the beast. I backpedaled to my bed, where I lay listening to the monitor, paranoid of when he will wake up. My anxiety continued to grow with every movement I could now hear.

Affirmative... I had woke the beast!
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