365 Days of Aubrey

Aubrey Leigh Fudge

Day 1: July 11, 2013
Day 2

Day 3

Trying to get some food

Day 4
Ready to go home
Day 5
Catching some sun
Day 6
Trucks can be feminine too right?
Day 7
Enjoying brother's swim lessons
Day 8
Who needs to sleep at 1am?
Day 9
I may be skinny, but I am long!  Big Stretch.
 Day 10
Getting some sun- first family walk
Day 11
So much happier on my belly
Day 12
Also cozy sleeping on my side
Day 13
Catching some sun, trying to get rid of the jaundice
Day 14

Day 15
Big Brother being a Big Help
Day 16
Day 17
Maybe I should name this project "All the Ways Aubrey can Sleep"

Day 18
Dressed in my Sunday best to go to the baby shower for my soon-to-be friend Sterling.
Day 19
Alert and looking around during a walk with Mommy

Day 20
Day 21
Can't stare at this face enough.
She may be jaundice, but its actually the light making her look like this, not her skin :)
Day 22
Aubrey's first bath
Day 23
Love you Brian...
you get to see both sleeping beauties when I have to wake up at night myself :)
Day 24
I ordered this hat for the hospital, but between Aubrey coming early and the hat coming late, I should have just made it myself :(
Day 25
My favorite part of dressing Aubrey is hearing Brian groan over things people have gave us :)
Day 26
Tummy time!
Day 27 
Liam loving on Aubrey
Day 28
Aubrey's first day in cloth diapers
Day 29
Day 30
Day 31
Day 32
Day 33
Day 34
Day 35
Day 36
Day 37
Day 38
Day 39
Day 40
Day 41
Day 42
Day 43
Day 44
Keepin' it real!
Day 45
Day 46
Day 47
I think they like each other
Day 48
Day 49
Day 50
Day 51
Day 52
Day 53
Day 54
No idea why this photo wouldn't turn
Day 55
Super Aubrey
Day 56
Day 57
Day 58
Day 59

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  1. Those legs! And in day 21 I can totally see Liam - not sure if it's part you or Brian, but it's definitely the same combo Liam got! ;) Love her...

    1. One of my kids are going o get Dad's height!