Monday, April 13, 2015

Aubrey Says

At Aubrey's 12 month well check up, she had no words.  She babbled a lot, and even alternated sounds in her babble, just no words.  I was told to keep an eye on her speech and if she did not develop any real words soon she would need to be evaluated.  YIKES!

Luckily for me I have a few good friends who are speech pathologists so I called one of them to ask for advice.  I was aware that Aubrey did not have any words, but I didn't realize it was a concern.  My friend calmed me down, she wouldn't evaluate a child until at least 18 months so we had time.

Aubrey made some progress by her 15 month appointment, speaking 3 unusual words; shoe, jump, and doggy.  We were on the right track and I began keeping a list.  Any spontaneous word she spoke was written down.

When I was asked about her speech at her 18 month appointment, imagine the look I got when I told the doctor Aubrey has 75 words not including names and characters...  Wait, you mean everyone doesn't keep a list?

I have stopped keeping a list, but its been so much fun watching her language develop.  Now with stringing words and phrases together.  Aubrey began putting words together by saying a name and a demand.  Phrases have just begun now at 21 months.  Miss Independent told me while I was trying to brush her teeth the other morning "I do it".
And her cutest phrase she says with an evil face and wiggling her fingers "I get you" and chases you to catch and tickle.

This is the best age :)
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