Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Pottery Barn Baby. You break it, you buy it!

Liam has slept 6-7 hours at night before, but not recently. And when he does it usually involves waking up a few times for his pacifier. Last night I had my first "I have to check on the baby, he hasn't woke up" freak out.

I tip-toed across the hall to the nursery, slowly opened the door and smelled the room. WHY did I smell it? Who knows! I should have been putting on my own oder controlling shield because Liam has a superhero sense of smell. When I walk into the room his nose sends a message to his brain "booby milk, must eat".

So after tip-toeing my way over to the crib and staring at him for an appropriate length of time, I determined he was breathing. RETREAT RETREAT I must get out without waking the beast. I backpedaled to my bed, where I lay listening to the monitor, paranoid of when he will wake up. My anxiety continued to grow with every movement I could now hear.

Affirmative... I had woke the beast!
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