Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Blog?

Brian asked me the other day why we didn't have a blog. In my head I thought "because I can't keep up with that." Realizing this may be the easiest way to keep everyone updated on our lives and impending parenthood, I decided to give it a try.

Baby Fudge will be making his arrival in about 8 weeks. We are definately getting excited. We had another ultrasound on Friday. Baby is healthy, and looks like a baby now, not an alien.

I still tend to call him Baby Fudge, but he does have a name. We decided to name him William Alexander. William after Brian's grandfather, we will call him Liam. Alexander is after my parents.

The nursery is almost finished. All the furniture has been in and put together for a few months now. We just need the mural and we will be ready.

For now, here are some pictures...

Me at 32 weeks

Our 32 week Ultrasound photo
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