Wednesday, March 27, 2013

22 weeks

The internet tells me Baby Girl is the the size of a papaya.  Has anyone ever actually ate a papaya?  Maybe I should try on this week....

This week I have been debating with myself over if the heartburn is worse this time or with Liam.  I have the same constant pain in my ribs from the acid build up (possibly more), but not as much burning in the throat.

YUP :)  definately my favorite part of being pregnant.  And Brian felt her move this week too!  We tried to get Liam to feel too, but he isn't patient enough.  Oh and apparently Liam thinks I have 3 babies, I'll just let you think about where else Liam tried to feel the baby move.

Honestly I don't think I am quite as exhausted as I have been, I don't think anyway.  Unfortunately I am waking up in pain, darn hip.  And I don't even know why!

Belly Button:
I really don't know why people always want to question about your belly button, is it really so interesting if pregnancy makes it pop out?  Well mine never popped out with Liam,  I would be shocked if it happened this time either.

Other exciting news:
I'm really nervous to actually order the material, but I think I have it picked out what to do with the nursery.  I am thinking of this fabric as my inspiration
Now for the bump....

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