Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Goals

It's good to have goals, right?  Here are my goals for this month.

Run 100 miles
   I think I made this goal last July or August... Nope didn't happen.  But my running has taken a hit this year, as have my weight and body image...  But now I am running a 5K in about 10 days, I think I should get to running.  Somebody PLEASE light a fire under me, I need some motivation/tough love!

Write 15 blog posts
    Is there anyone still reading this blog?!  I know it have been a pathetic showing on my part.  I can do better!  Liam, Brian and I are all busier that just 2 post worth of stuff in a month!

    Have I mentioned yet our Thanksgiving plans?  We are taking Liam on a cruise.  He has never had a good Thanksgiving yet so we are going to make up for it big time this year.   So the first thing on my list to sell this month is lanyards.  Great for teacher/students.  more to come on this late this week!

Share more recipes
At some point before I asked from some recipes to share because that is the biggest problem we have with making dinners- WHAT TO DO?!  I have tried some great pintrest recipes so I need to share them on here.  But also if you have a recipe your family loves please send it to me.

What are your August Goals?

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  1. Run, Dawn, Ruuuuunnnn! You can do it! Summer seems to be the time that our exercise takes a hit. I usually do 3 or 4 sessions of Zumba a week, but for some silly reason my instructors feel like they need to take vacations and spend time with their families! And yes - I still check your blog every day for a post and we have never even met! Your blog led me to Kaitlyn's Korner, that led me to Wylder, Trek, Riley and Jacob's blogs. Please know that all of you and your special little ones have made such a positive impact on my life and that of so many others. Thank you for sharing! I'm looking forward to seeing more on the lanyards! Got some neat gift ideas for those!