Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our Weekend

Well this comes without pictures, because I have just been so bad at pictures lately.

The stress was high this weekend, but we ended up having a good time.
Liam had a scan Saturday morning. These always make me nervous. I'm pretty sure they always will no matter how many good ones he has.

Saturday night Liam had his first sleepover! He stayed with his friends Hayden and Holden. I'm told it was a good time.
I was told when I picked him up this morning, last night when the boys were saying their prayers, they always say "God bless Liam" and it was fun that Liam was right there with them. IT makes me feel so good to hear Liam is still in people's prayers. I guess that is why I am still here sharing his story. I always felt it was because he was in so many people's thoughts and prayers that helped him get better. We are so grateful to all those who continue to pray for Liam and help to keep him healthy!

So how did Mom and Dad spend their night out? Dinner for my birthday and CARTY GRAS!
Our friends had a party last night. I WISH I had pictures, but Brian is probably thankful I don't (Enough Said).

Hope everyone else had a great weekend too!
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