Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Proud New Owners

... of dirt and trees!

It has always been Brian's dream that he will build us a house.  We have taken that first step and bought a lot.  It was a private deal, Brian will be in charge of building the house, no large companies.  The lot is at the end of a dead end street, very private.  We love that area that will be our future home.

Liam exploring our future "house"

Liam following Daddy, and minicing him

The "trail" behind where our house will sit.  
As the pictures show there are a lot of trees and nature on this property.  We would like to keep as much of that a possibly.  It will also be important for us to clear some of it out to allow space for Liam and Jack to run and play, also taking into consideration a need for visiblilty of the yard from the house as Liam grows old enough to play outside alone.
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  1. What an exciting next step, Dawn! Just love to see things going so well for your family - you guys deserve these many blessings!

  2. How exciting! We have two things in common...our names and (drum roll, please) we are starting the process of building! We haven't bought a lot yet, but are looking into only a few communities now.

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  3. Dawn- Good Luck with the lot buying. It took us over a year! After we finally made an offer on a lot the process was 2 weeks, it just took a long time to find the property we wanted. Can't wait to here more about your adventures