Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Big Brother Duties

If there is one thing I know, its Aubrey LOVES attention!  When be drop Liam off at preschool she know just who to walk up to, arms out to be picked up.  If someone else decides to love on her along the way, she wont argue.  So when we went to see Santa this week, I knew we were going to have a successful trip.
Brian decided I was going to take the kids during the week instead of fighting the weekend crowds.  The mall parking lot did not look promising when we drove up, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the line to see Santa was super short.  We waited maybe 10 minutes, the whole time in line, Liam was peeking around the set, Aubrey was chanting "Sen-ta"... we were ready!

When our turn came, Liam walked right up and climbed onto Santa's lap.  Aubrey turned around and ran out.  As I carried Aubrey over to Santa, she help on so tight (girl can pinch with her grip!). 

Liam was so ready to help his sister out, taking those big brother responsibilities seriously.  He patted a spot on Santa's lap where Aubrey was to sit.  He continued to have a great time with Santa, laughing, smiling and giving high fives.  Liam was encouraging Aubrey to give Santa high fives and loving the squeak Santa had in his glove.

Aubrey still was not eager or willing to sit on Santa's lap, but I left her there and hoped for the best. 
Thank you Santa Max, this is the best picture we could have asked for!

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