Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Waiting

While in the hospital today I saw the surgeon. After Liam's CT scan last month they sent the scans to Duke for a second opinion. Yesterday the transplant team at Duke met about Liam. They do not believe the tumor is respectable. Meaning he will need a transplant.

While in the hospital today Liam had another CT scan. His surgeon was hoping to get a better picture than they did in January. His surgeon is still hopeful they will be able to remove the tumor. So now we wait for more news.

Right now his surgery has been rescheduled for March 9th. Date sound familiar to anyone? Yup; Liam is having surgery on his birthday. I guess the best birthday gift anyone could give him is being cancer free...
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  1. That would be a great birthday present-cancer free!! You guys are constantly in our thoughts. Hoping for the best news possible for you guys.

    Hugs from the Goffs

  2. constantly in my thoughts and prayers too. xxx

  3. Prayers and hugs from here in Holt! hugs from Katie, Josh, Amelia and Jocelyn Wilson

  4. That would be a WONDERFUL gift to ALL of you!! You guys are in our prayers!