Thursday, February 17, 2011


Yes, this post is really about poop.

As I was changing Liam's diaper this morning, I starting thinking about this guy that lived on the floor in college. One day he decided to talk about poop. Specifically about corn and poop. He went on and on about how corn looks the same coming out and it does going in. And wouldn't you believe it, There is a website devoted to this. I'll let you search for that on your own.

Why? you might be asking yourself was I reminded of this conversation. Well because apparently carrots look the same coming out as they do going in also. And yes if you actually read through all this poop talk, you read right- Liam ate carrots.

Thank you to my good friend Karen who gave me the idea for carrots. We all know Liam won't take anything with a spoon, so these are not pureed carrots. We also know they aren't whole carrots. I got a big carrot and boiled it in some water to soften it, but kept it firm enough that Liam would try it. It was a big hit. He is choosing carrots over the sugary cereal bar.

I guess mommy just needs to get used to orange chunks in the diaper :)
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