Sunday, September 18, 2011

How have you honored?

I use the work honored, because I don't feel celebrated fits.
How many of you knew September was childhood cancer awareness month? I can't say I would have if our situation wasn't what it is.
At the Southern Woman's Show this past weekend we ran into the cookies for cancer booth, when they asked if we had heard of the organization I told them my son was a patient at Blume. The worker didn't even know how to speak to me.
That bothers me. I don't want anyone to feel bad for us. I love my son, I love my family. I would not trade our situation for another child.
If childhood cancer was a more "publicized" conversation, people would know how to speak with families.
So my question to you is, how have you supported childhood cancer awareness?
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  1. Spreading the word! I tell people your families story, and how strong of a person you are, and how amazing all your friends, family and total strangers have rallied to support you guys. :)