Friday, June 22, 2012

The Mind of a Two Year Old

Remember Liam's OCD/ Autistic Tendencies?  He was at it again last night.  This time he brought along some friends.  Grandma, Daddy and the table next to us in the restaurant.
Liam took whatever chairs were empty around us and lined them all up for his train.

Grandma was encouraging him at every step.  And Daddy wanted to join in on the fun too.
Here they are CHOO CHOO

The best part of the dinner was when the table next to us brought out a birthday cake.  Happy Birthday is one of Liam's favorite song.  I am pretty sure I have a birthday at least twice a week according to him.  So he went over to say happy birthday.  They were so nice and even oferred him a piece of cake.  {I said he probably wouldn't eat it.  WHAT WAS I THINKING} They let Liam look at the cake and he tried to touch it.  When we told him he couldn't touch it he came back to our table and climbed up on my lap.  {I should have known something was up}  He asked for a fork and then walked right back over to the other table for cake.

Everyone had a good laugh and Liam got a piece of cake.  And I was so proud of him for his manners!  He did remember to say Thank you when they handed him his cake!
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  1. As one of the "birthday party people" at the next table, I speak for all of us when I say that Liam is adorable and so polite. Aside from being blessed to celebrate our daughter's ninth birthday, Liam was the hit of the night. A twinkle in his eyes, a smile on his face and incredible manners for a 2 year old. Thank you for sharing him with us for that blip in time.
    Prayers for you all and here's to Liam continuing to grow, develop and make people smile. :)