Tuesday, February 12, 2013

16 Weeks

Well I managed to stay out of the hospital this past week, so I call it a success.  I am still feeling randomly nauseous.  By randomly I mean, some days I feel mildly nauseous, other days I vomit for hours straight.  And then I have days that I feel perfectly fine. 

Brian says I am crazy and not getting big yet, but I think I actually look smaller in the pictures he is taking ( maybe he should have been a photographer).  I'm pretty sure I'll still be wearing my normal pants for a while, but its been maternity tops all the way this week.  I got sick of having pull down my other shirts all day.

We've been talking about preparing for baby by getting Liam set up in a real bed.  We have gone back and forth.  We bought Liam a converatible crib, so we can change it to a full size bed.  So we have been debating whether to do that and buy a new crib, or just use the crib and buy Liam a new bed.  I think we have decided that since we will {hopefully} be moving shortly after baby comes, we are going to move Liam into the current guest room.  He can just have that bed, then we don't have to get rid of any furniture, or put any into storage.  We will just replace the guest furniture after we move.  But my *almost* 3 year old will have a queen size bed.

Oh and here is another picture from our photoshot this weekend.  I love it.  Liam distracted me, asking what we were doing.  I told him Daddy was taking my picture.  "No, you are going to hurt yourself."

We'll have to try to get Liam in the picture next week.
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  1. Dawn, you look gorgeous! Can't tell from the pictures that you've been feeling sick!

  2. What a cute little belly you have! Found you at the Mommy Moments Link Up!

    Just wanted to let you know that I host a pregnancy link up on my blog and would love for you to join in! Link up any posts related to pregnancy, post partum, babies, and birth stories!

    Congrats on your pregnancy!