Saturday, April 27, 2013

26 weeks

Yes my family has made me well aware of this poor neglected blog.  But there are only 29 more days of school! So I will have sometime freed up... at least until the baby comes.

This picture was actually from last week, but you get the point... I am growing!
Here is a fun comparison
In other changes I am also missing some of my hair!  Yeah I kinda regret that, especially looking at this picture of me from 13 weeks, but its hair, it grows back.
I was actually pretty sick this week.  I think I caught something from one of my lovely students- several were out sick each day this past week, so I am sure something nasty went around our class.
I was trying to get in some daily walks until I got sick.  I think I had 3 last week.
Baby Girl is still kicking a lot, but not as hard as before.  We were able to watch my stomach move for a while, but not this week.  (this makes me sad)
I still have terrible heartburn, but I have some new medicine so its getting better (somedays anyway).

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