Saturday, May 4, 2013

Baby Dreams

Pregnancy Dreams.
Supposed to be a normal part of pregnancy, but I never had them with Liam.  Last night was my first official pregnancy dream.

I dreamed I had the baby... And she was a BOY!  of course that's not the part that scares Brian, he is more afraid that I had the baby and its not time yet.  But my dream didn't have a time frame, no fear.

Thankfully I have another ultrasound coming up this week, so we will be able to make sure she is still a she.

Here is a quick picture of me I took last weekend (I'm still a week behind!  I will catch up... {maybe})
                                          photo 13fafdb0-d7c9-42fa-bcd2-f1c617eccda8_zpsabcb8045.jpg

I am feeling good.  I have been sleeping more this week, not necessarily feeling any more tired, just falling asleep earlier than usual.

80 more days of being a human incubator!
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