Wednesday, May 8, 2013

28 Weeks

Yup... thats my view this week. 
We get to see Baby Girl again tomorrow.  Unfortunately I also have to take the glucose test in the morning. YUCK!
So 3rd Trimester. 
 Terrible heart burn hasn't gone anywhere. 
My fingers are beginning to swell... but I refuse leave my rings off-- I took them off one night when I was pregnant with Liam, the cat got on my dresser when I was sleeping and my rings were lost for 6 months.  Not doing that again!
Baby should be about the size of a head of cabbage
My mood... it has been commented on by a coworker she thought it was crazy how calm I am pregnant... I guess she expected mood swings.  However I am beginning to feel way too emotional, I attribute this to 20 school days left this year- I cannot wait for this to be over!

Hoping we can finally start on the nursery soon (HINT HINT BRIAN).

Liam is getting excited.  On his way to bed last night, he walked by his old room and declared "That's where my baby sister's going to sleep"

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1 comment:

  1. That baby belly looks just as beautiful as the rest of you, Dawn!