Friday, May 31, 2013

Doctor! Doctor!

Taking Liam to the doctors with me has not been convenient at all.  He climbs all over the furniture in the waiting room, spins the doctor's chair, demands his own cup to pee in...  The list could go on.

But it has been beneficial for him.  At his last ultrasound he layed right down on the table, to restraints needed this time.
Yesterday Liam had his 3 year check up at the Pediatrician (only 3 months late, not bad...)
We were surprised to learn he is finally all caught up on his shots, but he did need some bloodwork.
His lipid tests came back elevated earlier this month, so the oncologist asked we redo the test while fasting.  Since his checkup was a morning appointment, we had the test done at the pediatrician's office.
Good news first- Liam did not even cry when they took his blood
Bad news- Lipids are still elevated. 
My underweight child is having cholesterol problems.  We are told his is a side effect from the chemo.  Although we continue to struggle with what Liam eats, we do try to keep his food options as healthy as possible.  He continues to eat large varieties of fruits and yogurts, and carbs in crackers and waffles.  As he does not regularly (or ever) eat fast food or greasy food, the doctor does not see a need to try to change his diet, he will just need more frequent monitoring with the cardiologist (still waiting to hear what that will look like).
When we got home yesterday, Liam had a great time playing doctor himself.

He checked his baby sister over well, looking at her and listening to her
Then finally deciding she needed some shots.

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