Thursday, February 20, 2014

Aubrey: 7 months

Sleep: naps have been horrid! She is tired, we rock, I puts her down in her crib, she lays, I walk out and get the monitor only to see her sitting up in her crib. great trick Houdini now lay back down and go to sleep.  nights have gotten better, Aubrey wakes up only once or sleeps through the night.  HALLELUJAH!

Activity:  So many new tricks this month.  She can go from laying down to sitting up on her own.  She is crawling, like hands and knees belly off the floor.  She is pulling herself up on all the furniture.  GIRL IS INTO EVERYTHING!

Eating:  I am becoming more and more convinced each day this child is not mine!  She will eat anything you give her, she does not turn down food.  One day I was making her black beans (a suggestion from a friend)  the smell in the house made me nauseous, but she devoured them!

We are in awe of this little girl, watching her grow and play each day.  She is a joy!

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