Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Liam's Hearing

Liam has now had hearing aids for almost a year. Although I am not certain on the length of time he has been able to wear them, as it seems we are continuous sending them in for repairs.

Speech was never an issue, strangers could understand him before the hearing aids. But I have seen an improvement in his speech since receiving the aids. Looking at his audiogram, Liam cannot hear anything above the markings without amplification.
 The blue line being normal hear, the red line represents Liam's hearing
He is missing about 9sounds, we chose to get him hearing aids because as a teacher I know the sounds he is missing will be the hardest for him when he starts reading.
We are now facing a new challenge with Liam's hearing . Insurance. We have just learned that insurance will no longer cover his hearing aids. So every time they break and the audiologist has to look at them I can expect a large bill. Not to mention he is growing and constantly needs new ear molds, also not covered.

I am really left debating if the benefit is worth the price. Which really isn't going to be a question in the end, but I may have to sell Liam to pay for his medical bills.

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  1. Are there any programs out there to help you with the cost of them? Insurance is a huge headache. Sorry you have to deal with that. Liam is a super hero though, I'm sure you could get a very large amount for him. :)