Saturday, May 3, 2014

Aubrey 9 months

Well we survived another month!  Honestly not much has changed, we have just loved on this little one and enjoyed each day with her.

At Aubrey's 9 month appointment she weighed in at 18 pounds 7 oz (42%).  28 inches (63%)  it looks like one of our children will get Dad's height. 

She has still been waking up once at night, but luckily its around 5am so we are getting up for work around that time anyway.

She gets around so fast!  Usually she is darting for something to pull herself up on to walk around.  She is able to stand independently as long as she doesn't know she is going it.  When she figures out that she is standing alone she immediately sits down.

Aubrey also crawls after her brother as fast as she can!  We are in so much trouble with those two!

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