Friday, October 3, 2014


So after a much needed break from the pressures of keeping up with this blog WE'RE BACK!
I can't say it was an easy decision either.  I went back and forth "Would anybody still be reading it?" I decided I didn't care!

Then when I heard 5 on Friday was coming back from break and I love writing in lists, I had my own deadline to get back online.  So here is my 5 on Friday to introduce (or reintroduce) us.

1.  The New Blog

Sorry family and friends, you will have to save a new blog address.  A virus or something took ahold of a post.  A very personal and life changing post.  The post I shared Liam's diagnosis, the post that started this whole blog.  And in an irrational, unexplainable way I was hurt.  But by changing the address, the spam comments have stopped!

So take note.  The design is still a work in progress, please bear with me.

And onto the family introductions

2.  Brian

Brian is the sane one in this family.  Just keep him away from golf carts.  Brian is a runner, training for his 5th marathon.  He loves all sports, there is not a season where sports don't grace our television.  A Super-Dad, always up for a game of crush with Liam. 

3. Dawn

I am the voice here.  I chase Liam and Aubrey around everyday, counting down the minutes til Daddy gets home.  During naptimes I keep myself busy creating, crafting and sewing at my home business LCF Threadz.  I have a love/hate relationship with running.  Training for my 4th marathon and hating every minute of it, I just can't quit this addiction!   

4. Liam

Liam is our superhero.  inquisitive.  entertaining.  Loves monster trucks, garbage trucks and rock n roll..  Liam is a big ham, with plenty of experience having his picture taken.  And he loves a good selfie. 
An excellent big brother

5. Aubrey

Aubrey is Aubrey :)  I call her difficult from conception.  She loves food, climbing and shoes.  Until recently she was our toothless wonder, only sporting 4 teeth currently (1 on top, 3 on bottom)
Welcome to our wild crazy family. 

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  1. hey lady! your family is the cutest. i just found your blog via the 5 on friday linkup and wanted to make sure to invite you to the oh hey, friday! linkup too! we'd absolutely love to have you if you're looking to get back into the friday blogging bit. :)