Thursday, January 13, 2011


That's right world, I was wrong. Liam's tumor did not shrink 1/3; it shrank to 1/3. Yup, 62% to be exact.

He had a pretty exciting day yesterday. Played all morning with mommy, then Mommy had to keep him awake on the way to the audiologist. Liam was not a happy camper; screamed the whole way. And do you know what I found amidst the screams? A pearly white. Liam is getting his first tooth. I always thought I would dread the day Liam cuts a tooth, but I am pretty excited. He has been a little fussy, but not bad. I also have a secret weapon most parents don't; morphine.
Liam is not allowed tylenol for two reasons. 1. It is processed through the liver and he does not have a fully functioning liver. 2. It is a fever reducer which they don't want him taking in case he gets an infection; so it won't hide it.
He is also not allowed to take motrin because it effects the platelets and the chemo drops his platelet counts so he needs what he has working appropriately.

We are back in the hospital for round 3 of chemo. Liam did very well with chemo yesterday, even managed to "eat" 18 oz yesterday along with much cereal. Today he is worn out and fussy. His eating is nonexistent today. The doctor says it will probably be Sunday before it picks back up again. He had a pretty toxic drug yesterday; cisplatinum.

We should be heading home later this evening. Just in time to get rested up for Liam's fundraiser tomorrow. Thank you Grandpa Fudge and Aunt Mary for watching Liam so Mom and Dad can attend the fundraiser.
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  1. great! prayers are getting answered!

  2. That is really, really great! Did they say if has moved away from the blood supply?

    I think we need some of that morhpine. Ollie just had tooth #7 break through!!! and boy was it fun for us!!! ;)

  3. That is so good to hear!! Enjoy that morphine while you have it, lol!

  4. such wonderful news! Benjamin and I are sending our thoughts and prayers to you, Liam and Brian everyday. Take care.