Sunday, January 23, 2011

Updates Galore

We have been without internet for a few weeks. I have tried to put up a few quick updates, but we have mostly been MIA.

Liam has been doing fabulous! So much energy and incredibly happy. He will be finishing his 3rd round of chemo next week. This round went well. He was a little sick to begin with, but his spirits were never down. One of the chemo drugs has caused some neuropathy in his eyes. He cannot open his right eye as brightly as the left. It does not effect his vision and will go away when he is finished with chemo. The last 2 weeks they have withheld the drug causing the neuropathy. This week he will get half a dose of it.

Those of you following us on facebook already know Liam learned how to crawl this week. He has been on his hands and knees since 5 months old. He would pull his knee forward then drop onto his belly crying. At the time we had no idea why, now we know trying to crawl put too much pressure on the tumor and surrounding areas. Crawling is still uncomfortable for him; he whines the whole time, but he is doing it!

Thank you so much to everyone who has shared our website. We appreciate all the support. I know all the thoughts and prayers for Liam are helping.
Thank you for all the orders for "Liam Legs" we have receieved. I can see how far our website has reached when I get an order from someone that says "XXXX recommended your site to me" and I have no idea who XXXX is! Thank you for sharing our site!
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