Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Fork in the Road

Today was a pretty good day for Liam. Today was the last treatment for the second round of chemo. This past week has been a pretty dramatic improvement not only in his appetite but also his activity levels, mood, etc...

Tomorrow is what we can all call a "milestone" day in his journey. He will be getting his CT scan in the morning so that the oncology team and surgeons can quantify just how much progress has been made thus far. For a little perspective chew on this. At his diagnosis his AFP level was over 60,000. This specific protein is a marker in the blood that is used in not only in his diagnosis but also in its' severity. The normal level for a adult is around 8. Yes you read that right...8. His number was essentially "unreadable". His blood count from this morning showed that his number had dropped to 4,000. An improved indeed.

We call this his "fork in the road" because the results of this scan will most likely determine how his treatment will continue. If the results of the scans are positive(which by all accounts thus far they should be)....he will continue with two more cycles of chemo before the surgeons will attempt to resect the tumor. If they believe that the results of the CT are negative....he will immediately go on a transplant list with that whole process starting immediately. We should have some sort of preliminary result in the afternoon tomorrow.

One other thing we would like to address is the many Thank You's we owe to various people that we know and don't know for all the kind donations we have received. We would love to list all the people here but do not want to forget someone.
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  1. Wishing the best outcome for Liam! Sincerely rooting for him and keeping all of you in my prayers.

  2. Wishing Liam and your family the best! Thank you for the photo of Liam. Liam Fighting cancer