Sunday, May 29, 2011


The next few weeks I would like to spend time celebrating Liam's health. He had a CT scan last week; there are no signs of cancer! There is still a pocket of fluid from his surgery the surgeons will be following, but it is not concerning at this time.

He has been so fun to watch this past week. It amazes me how fast he catches up after each round of chemo. Now that he is finished I will likely be surprised on a daily basis.

Although his verbal vocabulary is limited to Mama, Dada and bye, he knows several signs; more, milk, eat, all done, dog, ball, please.

Yesterday he picked up the hand sanitizer and began "washing" his hands with it. He never got any out, but it was entertaining watching him play wash his hands. I never thought we used it THAT much at home, but he knew just what it was for. He has obviously saw the hand sanitizer used a lot in the doctor offices and hospital but those are different dispensers. Who knows where he picked this up at.

Its also fun to watch him everytime he sees or hears a phone. He puts his hand to his ear and starts babbeling. We talk on the phone with Gamma everyday, so he has also associated her voice with the phone. It gets confusing when he reads the story she recorded for him.

Today we took Liam to the zoo. Enjoy the pictures!

I'll save the flamingo story for another day. For now just know that Liam and I LOVE flamingos!Daddy, that thing could eat me!Slowly, Slowly Said the SlothLook! Over There!Passed out in a matter of minutes

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  1. What a joy filled celebration. I am so happy for you. Diane Wahl

  2. This story makes me so so happy!!!! Can't wait to read about your new adventures that aren't in a hospital!!! :))

  3. Dawn - I have never met you or your family; I am simply a friend of Nicole Parker's. However, I have followed Liam's story for months, reporting his progress to my family, including my 80-year-old mother who lives several states away from me. I can't wait to get home tonight and share the joy! This is truly news to shout from the rooftops - Liam kicked cancer's ass! Cathy Johnson

  4. Real, or plastic flamingos, Dawn!? ;)