Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ring around the... vacuum?

Does your child have an unorthodox favorite toy? Liam's is the vacuum cleaner. He can walk around that thing ALL DAY LONG!
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  1. OKay so you totally have to get him this toy vacuum zander got for Christmas. It is a toy dyson and Zander Loves it. I think we got it from one step ahead.

  2. awwww that is too cute!! My D gal likes to do that too only she pushes our vacuum over and it always freaks me out because I think it is going to fall on her. Kids are too funny!

  3. ok, that's hilarious because Dimitri is TERRIFIED of the vacuum. It's not that he has one favorite toy...he just loves anything that he can spin. Pot covers, puzzle pieces on the hardwood floors, the wheels on my suitcase, etc. And, of course, he loves watching ceiling fans. :)