Thursday, May 12, 2011

Have you seen my baseball?

No, I am not really looking for a baseball. I am looking for my camera.

This story started back on Easter. We got up and ready for church that morning. Brian grabbed the camera and threw it in the car so we could take pictures after mass. I have never known anyone to use the door "pocket" for storage, but this is where Brian puts everything.

Monday morning comes and it was time to return the rental car (mine was in the shop from hail damage). Brian forgot about the camera and it was returned with the rental. Brian called that night but the car had already been rented back out. They were going to call the people with the car and see if they could find it.

You can see where this story is going. Someone ended up with a free camera. I dont even care so much about the camera, JUST RETURN MY MEMORY CARD. My baby's life is on there!

So of corse there is a lack of pictures on here now. A new camera has been added to our growing wishlist.
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  1. BOO. I am so sorry!! I lost my memory card when we were visiting family out of state this last daughter's first christmas memories with my family were lost forever and I was devastated. SOOOOO not fun so I totally feel for you!!