Monday, January 9, 2012

Liam Legs

Why do I love Liam Legs so much?

Maybe its because it was the first thing I learned how to sew.

Or maybe its because Liam legs is where fashion meets function

So cute on babies with a onesie
They are adorable on girls under skirts
Hip for children as armwarmers

Convient for diaper changers
AND oh so helpful for potty training

Liam has been OBSESSED with the potty lately. He has had his own potty for a while now. We sit him on it occassionally, but he's not even 2 yet so its nothing we have been pushing.

Recently he has been coming to tell us when he is wet or "P.U." So we have been sitting on the potty more often, rarely going, but at least he isn't afraid.

We have also been trying to teach him to pull down his pants since he will have to be able to do that when he needs to use the potty.

Well we haven't been so successful at pulling down of the pants. He gets the idea and tugs at them, but can't pull them down.

So... HELLO... practice what you preach! Liam legs are GREAT for potty training. No pants to pull up and down.
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  1. Thanks! Let me know when Parker wants to use the potty and I'll send you a pair.

  2. Dawn this is your brother, and Liams uncle. I really am glad you learned to sew, but please for the sake of that kid dont put these on him anymore, it is not cute anymore. He will remember this , because I will show him these pictures at his graduation party. Love ya

  3. Okay seriously Mike, I have to laugh a you. I remember what a PAIN your son was to potty train. These leg warmers give him one less obstacle in potty training!