Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our week in iphone photos w.4

Okay... still not so good a getting the phone out for photos; hence the lack of iphone post last week but lets to this!

Liam is one cool kat!

exibit A: Sup yo!

Donor appreciate night with the Vickie Honeycutt Foundation- one of Liam's many supporters.

Sushi night out! Liam enjoyed his usual fruit and crackers. Kid has no idea what he is missing.

"Smile, Cheese" that's what LIam says when he sees a camera, or thinks you are taking a picture with your phone. I was texting, but he's too cute, had to stop.

Trying out the new seat for Daddy's car. NO PICTURES PLEASE!

I had lunch with my friend and he son today. Connor LOVES skeeball- Sorry Connor, I guess you belong at our house.
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