Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our Week in iPhone photos w.8

How are your week been?  Not our best around here.  Liam had a fever for 5 straight days.  Never too high- I assumed 2 year molars were the cause.  Then I finally took Liam to the pediatrician because I thought the fever had gone on too long.  He was infected!  Almost pneumonia!

I felt like a pretty crappy mom for a while- who lets their child almost get pneumonial without noticing.... but then I watched Liam run around like a lunatic- he had no clue he was sick!

So here is our pictures.

 Time for a haircut?

 Please Mama!  If you open the door Dada will come home!

 At the hospital waiting for scans.  Yay! No Cancer!!!
 My little left-y coloring
 In time out- yup never noticed he was sick in his behavior
 Eating pretzels on a "train"

 "Driving a bus" at gymboree.
 "driving a car" on bumpy mats

The next set of pictures are from the Blume Picnic.
The Blume Clinic is Liam's oncology office.  This is an annual event to bring families of past and present patients together.  Childhood cancer is a terrible things.  Our ChildLife specialists try to make it the best experience possible!
 Going down the slide with Daddy
 LOVES the bounce house!  It was a challenge to get him out!
 Train ride with Dada
 Another Bounce House
 The Blume Picnic was EXHAUSTING!

And the rest of our weekend...
 Liam playing "trains" with his granola bar
 What are you listening too?
Liam's idea of helping with laundry

8 Weeks of linking up with Amy.  I think I am getting better at taking photos with my phone!
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  1. Doing the Snoopy Dance over the scan results! Let those blessing rain down on you, Fudges!