Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our Week in iPhone photos w.7


Liam and I went to a 5k for another patient at the clinic, Marnie.  Marnie is 2 years off chemo with no sign of reoccurance!

I ran; Liam played shy.  He was also honored as a local hero!


Daddy was away running the Lansing Marathon.  We stayed home playing

 So good at the puzzles.  Matched the animals together, just not correctly.

I dub thee pretzel truck

 It is so nice when for .25 seconds your child can entertain himself.

Monday- Friday

Sorry the days all blur together by the end of the weekend.

 Cozy Coupe + Calliou = Drive in Movie
More entertaining self with basketball

 MMMM.  "ma-Nana"
 I spy you!

More playing in the "new" yard

LCF Threadz's first donation to others battling cancer

Liam pretending to by "kitty cat" meowing on the stairs.

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