Friday, April 6, 2012

Little Bits of Happiness, w.1

I have seen this thread among the blog-y world lately. I have so much to be happy {thankful} for I could not wait to join in!

We have spent the last week in Flordia with family. It has been a dream. Best of all Liam has loved it! Each morning he wakes up and runs to the window. "AQUA"

Since we stay on a private residence in a popular beach, there is a key you need to use to go up the elevator { or alligator as Liam calls it} to go up to the apartment or even to get to the beach. Liam demands the key and runs to the elevator to "wind it".

Last summer Liam screamed if you wanted to go into the pool. As much as he loved bath time, he wanted nothing to do with a swimming pool. This year he says "down stairs, swim. Come on!". He throws his face into the water. Asks to go under. And jumps from the side of the pool into your arms. He LOVES the water!

This week has made me happy. Liam makes me happy. I am so happy to spend time relaxing with my family.

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  1. God truely has blessed up with this little guy. Thank you God

  2. What a wonderful post, Dawn. Each time I read your blog, I am reminded how precious every day is. Thank you for continuing to share!