Tuesday, April 17, 2012


It is so hard not to laugh at this child! Okay- maybe impossible, because I defiantely laugh every night while putting him to bed.
No matter how tired he is he procrastinates.

It first began with his request to be rocked. So each night we rock him for a few minutes before laying him in his crib.

His next request was a blanket. He wanted us to rock him for a few minutes, then cover him up (while still rocking) and then finally you can lay him down.

Now its the "Night Night Song". We have always sang to Liam while rocking him
Night, Night Liam
Night, Night Liam
Night, Night Liam
It's time to go to sleep

Sometime around Christmas Liam started adding his own verses. Night Night Gamma, Night Night Tia

And now for the last month{ish} he tried to keep the song going. Some highlights from tonight...
Night Night airplane
night night helicopters
night night clouds
night night chips
night night dinosaurs
Night night downstairs
Night Night cozy coupe
Night Night stroller

And I could seriously keep going!

But he has always been so cute when he sleeps!!!
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  1. Emie does things like that...every night she adds things in...for instance, one night she wanted to hug me while standing in the crib, the next night she wanted the hug again but then said, "other side" and added another hug. The the next night she added a kiss...and so on, and so on :)