Thursday, October 18, 2012

Catch Up

I live for the day I am not playing catch up.  (big joke right?!)  But I feel like I only update the blog in catch up mode.
Whoever said teaching was a family friendly profession LIED!  12 hour work days and never getting everything done does not equal family friendly.

But lets talk about Liam's BFF- Jack the Dog
They are exactly(ish) a year apart- as close as you can figure with a rescue dog.  They are probably equally as expensive! 

Jack wins the award for the MOST EXPENSIVE RESCUE DOG EVER!
1. maulled at the dog park
2. hit by a car
3. multiple infections

Our latest adventure with Jack began about a month ago.  Ear infection, eye infection and foot infection.  Yes, foot.  He chews on his paws so bad he has lost his fur.  Numerous x-rays and appointments later, he still chews and limps around.

At a follow up appointment last week, we found out he may have tore his ACL- which requires surgery.

Enjoy your new daily medicine routine!
September 2010
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  1. you should look into dog insurance. we pay $15 a month for ours, worth every penny!

  2. Echoing Jennifer, Dawn. When our now 19-month-old Goldendoodle was 9 months old, she swallowed a landscaping stone which had to be surgically removed from her intestine. We now have dog insurance - wish we had it then! Ours is about $25 per month. We agonzied over spending that much money on her surgery, but for a number of reasons, went ahead with it (despite being people who always laughed at those who spent like that on "just a dog"). The expense is stressful and yucky and I hope it stops soon because as you well know, that bottom picture makes him worth all of that! :)