Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thomas the Tank Engine

I know most people probably call him Thomas the Train, but I used to babysit a little boy who very ademently corrected me; he is not a train, he is a tank engine.

Well Thomas was visiting the North Carolina Museum of Transportation the last 2 weekends so we scored some tickets {read: overpaid for some tickets} and took Liam.

His face when he saw the train coming was worth it!

And OH MY LUCKY STARS he got to ride on Thomas!

I feel so often that I am missing out of so much time with Liam while I am at work.  As much as I love staying at home and relaxing on the weekend, nothing is better that cuddling up with Liam on the couch and watching so Pixar, but we love taking him out and making these memories.
And tomorrow Grandma and Great-Grandma come to visit.  He is a busy little guy!
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