Friday, October 5, 2012


And we have been having some potty training fun.

Liam has been doing so well!  He lets us know when he has to go pee.  But he still has yet to poop in the potty.

I am really impressed with him.  In the last week we have not been on a schedule.  His sitter was sick Monday and Tuesday, so he went to stay with a friend while Mom and Dad went to work.  Wednesday he went back to Lettie's (his sitter).  Then Grandma and Great Grandma came to visit, so he got to stay home and play with them.  None of these changes have effected his potty training {much}.

I also made an executive decision today with Liam's Halloween Costume.  I made sure to pick one up that Liam can easily use the pottty in.

Adventures in Potty Training!

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  1. Sounds like he's doing good with the potty training!! So what is Mr Liam going to be for Halloween? I can't wait to finish Peyton's costume (thanks to Pinterest) I am making her one of a kind costume!!

  2. Ha! This is such an awesome picture, Dawn. He is such a BOY! :)