Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday {v.2}

Here are the 5 things I am lovin' this week.  I can tell you one of them is NOT my phone since I have wrote this post 3 times and it just won't save on my phone.

Liam started preschool on Tuesday.  He is going 3 days a week, 9-1.  So far he is having a great time.  I was a little nervous dropping him off on Tuesday because on the drive there he was asking if we were staying and not happy when I told him he would be staying with his teacher. 
But after drop off it was PARTY ON!
Not really.  I wish I could say I got more stuff done, but the little miss is quite demanding an              1 o'clock comes up fast!
Day 1 went well.  He came home talking about his new find Gabriella...of course when I signed him in the next day I found out there is not Gabriella in his class...
Day 2 he got right in the car and said what a good listener he was. Score 1 Liam!
Day 3 he lost his sticker for not listening... I hope he figures things out fast!


This week I revealed our special SuperHero shirts to support the real Heroes, children fighting for their lives.  When I began sewing it was to help pay for Liam's medical bills.  I always knew when he finished chemo I wanted to donate some of my profits to help other families.  This month, during childhood cancer awareness month, I am selling personalized superhero shirts.  Get yours today!

Our oven broke and its crockpot meals for us until we get it fixed.  Thank you Pinterest!
On Wednesday I turned the oven on to heat it for dinner, went to feed Aubrey, came back to put dinner in the oven only to notice orange flashed sparking inside the oven.  I shut it off and after it cooled down I opened it up to notice the bottom heating element had broken in  part, don't know how that happened.
Glad my house didn't explode, Happy to be alive!

I am still having a hard time getting runs in.  By the time Brian gets home, Aubrey is done for the day; screaming.  I just feel bad leaving Brian with her, although I deal with it all day when she isn't happy, so I should just go get my time out and run in.
Anyway I do find it easy to get in a quick workout via Pinterest.
Hopefully we will get a treadmill soon so I can run during the day.
Is it too redundant to be excited about Fall 2 weeks in a row?  No? Good!  I think Fall will make my list for at least the next month!  Of course Pinterest will once again come in handy for helping me decorate the house. 
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