Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is here.  It happens to be Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Isabella Santos mom said it quite correctly, awareness is a bullshit word.  I am sure I will see a lot of ecard sharing happening around Facebook

But really, how will that help the heroes who are fighting cancer?  How does an ecard improve their "quality of life".  Will spreading awareness help their families cope with their reality?  What about the treatments available to children?  How can we change "awareness" to "ACTION"

This month, in addition to Liam's story, I have a few other families' stories to share with you.  I always felt it was my job to keep Liam in others thoughts and prayers, I'd like to continue that with others.  

We were able to survive through treatment because of the generosity of others, multiple donations and fundraisers.  It has been my vision, through LCF Threadz,  to donate back to others.  This month I will be selling Super Hero Shirts, donating profits to a family fighting cancer.
$25 Short Sleeve $30 Long Sleeve
Email me for your Super Hero Shirt.  These shirts will be made personalized for your child.  Every letter is available in colors of your choice.

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  1. Yay for you for keeping childhood cancer out there, Dawn. Through this blog, I have become "friends" with several families whose children have/had a life limiting genetic disorder. These are children for whom there is currently no treatment or cure. I say currently because blogs like yours and theirs keep those of us who are fortunate enough not to be experiencing these nightmares in our own families AWARE! And awareness is the key to treatments and cures, whether it be for diseases we are familiar with or those that are so rare we never even heard of them. The selfless sharing of you parents of your precious babies allows legions of supporters to put a name - a personality - a family - a REAL PERSON on these theives of our babies lives. Liam, Kaitlyn, Trek, Jake, Wylder, Quinn, Riley, Dan, John Ryan, Jayden, Beeba - these are real babies with real families who are experiencing an unfathomable set of emotions as they face what no parent should ever have to. Sharing your stories allows so many to come to know and truly love your families, even though we have never met. And that love inspires us to become advocates and supporters, not just sympathetic observers. So - keep posting those e-cards and more importantly, keep sharing your stories - because awareness does lead to action!