Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Swimming Update

While at Liam's swim lesson yesterday I realized I hadn't updated how he was doing since the first day, where I handed him screaming to the teacher.

In short, HE LOVES IT!

We have had a few changes in teachers, the first time because we switched days when Liam started preschool, the second time was a change at the swim school.  The first teacher Liam had was very nice and sweet and let him play and didn't really push him to do the lesson.  It was great for him a first; allowed him to get comfortable with the water, but I was happy when we switched days and got a new teacher.  Liam is a child who needs structure or he will take advantage.

When we switched his new teacher, Mr. Jordan (or My Gordon as Liam called him) was firm, but still nice.  Liam was expected to participate in class and this is when we really saw his "skills" grow.  Of course they are 3 year olds so there is plenty of fun too.

At the end of each lesson the deck manager rings the bell and all the children go line up at the slide and get to slide down into the water.  A teacher is at the bottom to catch them and help them out of the pool.  Liam refused to go down the slide until recently, he even hated the slide at the park, but now he is the first one in line.
So proud of my little fish.  Now we just need to think about what age to start Aubrey in lessons, we will not be waiting until 3 years old again.
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