Friday, November 22, 2013


If you liked the last photo sequence check this one out.

Only missing the initial photo I didn't know to take when I put her down!

I realize you should not compare children, but it is amazing to me how different she is from Liam. 

Between 4-5 months Liam began sitting up, Aubrey is no where close to that.
I commented on this picture on Facebook when it was posted that he had been sitting up for 3 weeks when I took this.  Not 100% of the time without fail, but he could definitely hold himself up for a period of time.
Liam never rolled or scooted at this age.  Of course we have no idea how much pain he was already in at this point, or how big the tumor was, if there was already a tumor.  So many factors about Liam's first few months we don't know how or when it began to effect him.
Is Aubrey crawling at 4 months?  No.
Is she consciously moving?  No.  She is not trying to move toward anything or for any reason, but I am sure it won't be long before she figures out what she is doing and we are in TROUBLE!
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